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Angolan Armed Forces Day - 9th of October

DSC 4116Moscow saw the 23d anniversary since the establishment of the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA) held by the Military Attaché of Angola in Russia supported by the Embassy.

The military attaché Júlio da Silva Kitumba who spoke at the event for the guests in the presence of the Angolan Ambassador to Russia Joaquim Augusto de Lemos stressed the importance of the day in the context of the restructuring and modernizing of FAA equipment and weapon under way.
According to Rear Admiral Júlio da Silva Kitumba the process of the FAA establishment that finished on the 9th of October symbolizes the landmark of merging the two opponent forces FAPLA and FALA together into the single unified army.

Since the very beginning the FAA structure run by the government included 40 thousand militaries in order to ensure a decent level of security during the first democratic elections ever held in Angola, on the 28th-29th of September, 1992.
The Armed Forces of Angola stick to their roots and are bound up in their goals. The FAA, celebrating 23 years since its foundation, is often considered one of the most organized and disciplined Angolan institutions.

Recently the national army has introduced the reformation proceedings, mainly education for middle and senior officers abroad: in Russia, Cuba, China, Germany, France, Italy, etc, but nonetheless the three branches, infantry, aviation and fleet, are strictly tackled in the military academies of Angola.
The Angolan attaché assumes that the Angolan army already has over 100 000 people at its disposal and now the main target lying ahead of the FAA command is quality improvement for the life in lodgments and military diet as well as equipment and weapon overhaul.

The rear admiral also noticed that the FAA enjoys a high estimate and support in the international community, especially in the African region. The success the Angolan army has reached wasn't left unnoticed but on the contrary, it underwent research across military universities in Africa and the rest of the world due to its complex approach.

The national Angolan army is fundamental in preserving the national independence and protecting the democratic institutes of the country. Currently the Angolan army is preparing to take part in the peacemaking process led by the UNO and the African Union.
The event dedicated to the 23d anniversary of the 9th of October took place in GlavUpDK and was visited by military attaches accredited in Moscow and diplomats from Angola, Africa, Europe and America.

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