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Each year Winter Bazzar of the IWC in Moscow makes a difference


The International Winter Bazzar has become a widely known annual event in Moscow, at least at the level of foreign diplomats and various Russian circles.

One of the oldest Moscow festive markets, Winter Bazzar marked its 28th edition last year, with diplomats, businessmen and tourists among its clients. The Ambassadors of Romania, the Netherlands, Republic of South Africa, Czech Republic and Slovakia were in attendance, surrounded by other diplomats from 56 embassies.

This is one of the main annual events that the International Women Club (IWC) in Moscow has been always using as a means of raising funds for charity activities through all time of its existence as a philanthropy institution.

The event attracted four thousand and five hundred people: visitors and buyers were much interested in items exposed at the Bazzar’s stands. Among the supporters of the event there were multiple Moscow institutions including Child Hospital Speransky, orphanage of Mother Teresa, shelter Neznaika and MPC Social Services.

The 28th Bazzar was an occasion for the expatriate community and their Russian companions to unite and once again raise funds and other goods for charity purposes to those in needs.

For this sake, Luxemburg, Slovakia and the Czech Republic appointed a diplomat on a permanent basis to follow sales at their respective stands.

The Angolan stand offered a variety of essential national products, consumption goods like food products, cuisine, clothes and crafts and also showcased the cultural potential of the country. The Angolan corner was decorated with fine drawings, photos, national flag and tapestries like “the Thinker”, a major symbol of the Angolan culture.

The visitors could find manioc flour, thin and thick, mukua wild fruit, cocoa, peanut, Angolan Ginga coffee as well as fabric, national costumes, brooms and baskets, bags, hand-made combs, traditional Angolan dolls, musical instruments with typical Angolan ornaments. To visitors’ satisfaction, other African countries like Cameroon, Cote D’Ivoire, Egypt, Namibia, Madagascar, South Africa and Tanzania also offered diverse national products.

Embassies from the whole world sold their signature products and typical food. Lots of countries took the opportunity to display music and dances from their countries, with various artists giving a vivid vibe to the cultural program.

Locals and foreign guests appreciated the welcoming atmosphere: they walked along the stands in search of exotic gifts and dainties from the countries participants who made the event a showcase of multicultural creativity.

Money paid for entrance, 300 rubles per person (children under the age of 10 were admitted free of charge), was allocated to assist to those in needs.

The Bazzar took place in one of the most renowned hotels of the Russian capital in the area of Kievskaya metro station, on Saturday, November, 28th, 2016, from 10 to 16 o’clock.